Tarka Titanium Launch

Netcraft and our ISP billing & provisioning system had a huge past 12 months.

Netcraft was engaged to deploy the MPLS and IP Transit networks for the Solomon Island Submarine Cable.

This involved the delivery of an international Cable as well as a domestic cable, which provided the Solomon Islands with its first submarine cable linking it to Sydney, providing high speed connectivity to 3 regional provinces.

We are proudly making a name for ourselves within the ISP space specifically in the Pacific Islands and we love it. The people that we have met and worked with has made our work so much more enjoyable and rewarding.

One of our main requirements was to bill Ethernet Point to Point services as well as IP Transit Services based on 95th Percentile. We did this successfully both remotely and with our team on the ground.

Over the last two years Netcraft has invested time and resources to complete an overhaul of our successful Tarka product, specifically designed around Network Automation called Tarka Titanium.