Are you starting an ISP? Or are you growing your ISP and want an easy and reliable system that also helps you increase your revenue? Tarka is a customised billing system that makes it simple to stay on top of customer provisioning, tracking and billing. Widely used and trusted across the Asia Pacific, Tarka isn’t just renowned for its flexibility, security and ease of use ­– it has also saved our clients a significant amount of money that ISPs commonly lose through gaps in client billing, and it has helped our clients maximise their revenue by giving them tools to increase their marketing impact and offer additional services.

Tarka supports a broad range of internet access technologies, singularly or simultaneously.

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Simple user setup and management

Tarka integrates with your email, web, authentication and access servers to provide a single point of administration for managing your users. These are some more of the ways we make your user administration easy.

Customer setup and self-service interface

Your administration staff can create users via the intuitive Tarka web interface and assign the necessary services to the user. Tarka also gives your customers an interface where they can access usage statistics, payment facilities and account management functions, which all reduces the workload for your administration staff.

Manage web and mail accounts

Tarka can be used to set up webspace for users, and can host email accounts and domains.

Manage IP addresses

Tarka can automatically assign IP addresses and ranges to customers and it provides tools to simplify the management of your IP address space.

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Flexible and accurate billing

Tarka integrates with your email, web, authentication and access servers to provide a single point of administration for managing your users. These are some more of the ways we make your user administration easy.

Collect billing information through RADIUS, SNMP, Netflow, and Streaming Telemetry

Using the web interface, you are able to provision RADIUS servers with user authorisation information to allow users’ Internet access. Tarka can use RADIUS, SNMP, Netflow, and Streaming Telemetry data to record, access and create accurate billing information.

Automated billing via e-mail

Bills can be sent via e-mail, in advance, or in arrears for accounts. Single bills are supported for customers with multiple services.

Telephony services billing

Call Detail Records (CDRs) from IP telephony providers can be automatically imported into Tarka for rating and billing customers.

Support for different types of plans

Tarka can support a variety of plans billed by time or data, including pre-paid, post-paid, casual and monthly accounts.

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Extensive tracking and reporting

Comprehensive reporting

Tarka has a large number of inbuilt reports that include revenue, GST, receipts, aged debtors, and Internet usage.

Audit trail logs

To track administration access and changes, Tarka collects logs of all changes made and by what user within Tarka.

Prevent unauthorised access of information

Tarka uses industry standard security protocols to encrypt communications between web clients and servers so that all entered data is protected. It also requires authentication. so that you can be certain that there will be no unauthorised access to your information.

Protect your data from disaster

Your data is replicated in a geographically separate location. This ensures your information is safe so you can get up and running again quickly in the event of a disaster.


Other benefits

Plug the hidden holes that lose you money

Many ISPs lose money, either through clients not being billed for usage, clerical errors, or even staff fraud. Because Tarka has a billing and provisioning system in the same platform, every customer gets matched to their actual usage, so you’ll never miss billing a customer again.

Customise plans to find your competitive edge

Some plans will appeal more to certain customers than others. Tarka allows you to customise your plans so you can discover what your customers will like most. That way, it’s easy to retain your current customers and coax new ones on board.

Find new revenue through the Plug-and-Profit platform

Once you’ve built your client base, how can you expand your services and generate more revenue? Tarka’s Plug-and-Profit platform allows your ISP to start offering new over-the-top services such as cloud backup services and private networks.