Whether you want a redesign of your infrastructure, a complete hardware refresh, or to replace your user workstations, we are able to assist. We have worked on the corporate infrastructure of small offices right up to infrastructure that supports an entire country’s telephony and internet service. Our engineers can create a purpose built system that meets your business needs now and that will support your strategic plans for the future.



Netcraft can assist you with designing, upgrading, and expanding your organisation’s network. Having a network that is appropriate for your business can improve efficiency of your staff by allowing increased communications and information sharing.

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We have extensive experience in assisting organisations with procuring and setting up custom servers for many purposes. Netcraft is also able to troubleshoot any issues you come across, carry out day to day activities on your servers, and provide a monitoring service to make sure your servers stay in tip-top shape.

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The Netcraft team is able to assist with procuring workstations that have the necessary processing power and system requirements to ensure the software you use day to day will run efficiently. If necessary, we can help you define your Standard Operating Environment so that all workstations are set up with your standard set of applications from the start.

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Policy Development

With our experience in IT we can assist you in selecting and documenting policies around the appropriate use of your infrastructure resources. We are also able to implement strategies to ensure policies are followed. For example, we are able to restrict access to certain web sites, we can limit the size of incoming mail messages, or we can restrict access to server functions using group policies.

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Our server and storage experts will work with you to determine the best storage solution for your business. Our designs can ensure redundancy and provide for your system remaining available with no data loss when disk failures occur.

IT Support

Our infrastructure support service has been explicitly developed to support non-IT corporate customers. We are able to provide expert professional services tailored to your business’s specific needs.

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