Solving Complex Problems

We specialise in finding hardware, software and service solutions for companies with advanced technical requirements.

Simple, Scalable Solutions

We do the complex work, creating easy-to-use solutions that help you operate efficiently and give you room to grow.

24/7 Support

We work with companies that do business day and night, so our staff are oncall 24/7 to provide support whenever it is needed.

Servicing Remote Locations

We are the experts in providing effective solutions for remote, difficult to service locations across the Australian outback through to our international neighbours in the South Pacific islands.

The leaders in specialised IT solutions

Netcraft's strength lies in creating built-for-purpose IT solutions for corporate and service provider clients across Australia and the Pacific Islands. With over 25 years experience, our expertise spans corporate infrastructure solutions, custom designed software, service provider infrastructure and networks, telecommunications engineering and revenue assurance through automated billing systems. Our talented team solve complex technical problems and provide our clients with solutions that are simple, robust, and allow for future growth.

ISP Billing & Provisioning

Internet Service Providers use our Tarka product to automate the provisioning, tracking and billing of ISP customers. Tarka integrates with your email, web, authentication and access servers to provide a single point of administration for managing your users.

Service Provider Networking

Telcos across the South Pacific trust us to look after their telecommunications engineering, billing and provisioning. Our solutions are reliable, scalable and cost-effective.

Infrastructure Support

With our infrastructure support, we can provide a wide range of experienced and multi-skilled staff to carry out your regular IT tasks and system maintenance at a fixed cost. We are able to shape our support across your assets so that you get the best match of cost and service.


Corporate Infrastructure Design and Refresh

Our extensive experience in design, procurement and deployment of complete systems for corporate customers means you can be sure you will get an infrastructure that is right for your business.

USSD Applications

We deliver tailored USSD solutions to businesses around the world. Our clients benefit from built-for-purpose communications solutions that enhance their ability to reach customers through mobile technology.

Software Development

We have been developing customised software in conjunction with our customers for over 25 years. Our engineers have experience in scripting for both Microsoft and Linux operating systems and can program in a variety of languages.

Disaster Recovery

Every hour that your business is offline costs you money, and the cost to your business will be even greater if you lose a significant amount of data. Through appropriate planning and implementation our team is able to assist you to minimise the impact of a disaster on your business.


Tarka Hotspot Gateway

Whether you are looking to create an income stream or provide internet free of charge our high performance Tarka Hotspot Gateway product is perfect for you. When combined with Tarka authentication, payment processing, accounting, and reporting features this reliable solution is a perfect way for service providers to deploy guest internet.

Advanced Security Solutions

You can count on us to keep your networks and infrastructure safe. Our security covers your infrastructure top to bottom, and we monitor it expertly and effectively.

Hosted Backups

Backups are arduous to keep up, and they aren’t necessary, until they are. We can take care of your backups for you, and if you need them, you’ll have easy access to them.


Malwarebytes protects your computers against all online threats which have bypassed traditional safety features.

Advanced Linux Experts

With over 25 years of delivering Linux based solutions for a range of large and small clients, Linux is in our DNA.

Some of the customers that rely on us