Backups are arduous to keep up, and they aren’t necessary, until they are. We can take care of your backups for you, and if you need them, you’ll have easy access to them.

We store backups for you here in Adelaide, both on our premises and at another site. If necessary, you can use the data from the backups before restoring it.. We provide software to allow you to back up your data, and we also maintain the backups and storage facilities. It’s extremely secure and fast, with private connection and storage. No need to wait a few hours in the case of a disaster, you can just connect and work. This frees your company up to do what it is meant to, rather than focusing on keeping safe from hacking or disasters. Backups will be regular and out-of-hours, with safety and convenience as the top priorities. It is fully synced with the cloud, with a secure web portal for disaster recovery. We will be using Veeam Cloud, a well-renowned program. With us, you can work assured that everything will run smoothly even if you need backup data and disaster recovery.